OEM Dough Divider BM/2+NT

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OEM Dough Divider BM/2+NT

Productivity is up to 1200 servings per hour

You can load up to 30-32 kg dough and set the wieght of the ball (from 50 to 300 g), by choosing the appropriate cone. The hourly output is very high: up to 1200 x 50 g pieces per hour. It is also very useful for dividing the dough to mark flatbread wraps.

NOTE: Remember to choose the size of the bundle when ordering a Dough Divider BM/2+NT.

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Product Specifications

Gasbutik - OEM Pizzasystem - Dejdeler BM/2+NT Specifications
All measurements for OEM Dough Divider BM/2+NT are in cm
Divider BM/2+NT
Outside Dimensions: L x D x H 47,5 x 76,5 x 74
Dough Capacity: 30 Kg
kW/Max - Volt 0,55 - 400~3N
Net Weight: 101 Kg
OEM Dejdeler Bundtrakt
 Cone diameterDough weight
AH027ROØ 3,550/70
AH022ROØ 4,590/130
AH023ROØ 5,0120/160
AH024ROØ 5,5150/190
AH025ROØ 6,0180/220
AH026ROØ 6,5210/250
AH044ROØ 7,0240/300

OEM Dejdeler Bord

Outside Dimensions: L x D x H CM 49 x 60 x 60