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Registration and processing of information on Gasbutik.com

The use of Gasbutik.com websites may mean that you must provide e-mail, address, telephone number or other personal information. This information will not be passed on by Gasbutik.com for other uses.

Provides the personal information in connection with receiving material from us – we register this information. The information enables us to communicate with you and convey the desired information. If you download information, we will register the visit. This information sometimes helps to meet your needs and tells us which part of our website is used. The website may contain links to websites that have nothing to do with Gasbutik.com. Gasbutik.com is not responsible for the use of your information on these websites.


All the trademarks, logos and symbols used on the website are owned by Gasbutik.com


The content of this website is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Information on the website, including text, images, illustrations and sound, may not be copied, reproduced or stored on other hard drives without the prior written permission of Gasbutik.com. Parts of the website may contain images and the like, where the 3rd person has the copyright.

Promulgation of copyright law (Section of law)

The Copyright Act is hereby promulgated, cf. Executive Order no. 194 of 11 March 1997, with the amendments that follow from Act no. 407 of 26 June 1998.
Chapter 1
Subject matter and content of copyright
Protected works
§ 1. Whoever produces a literary or artistic work has copyright to the work, whether this appears as a fiction or non-fiction production expressed in writing or speech, as a musical work or stage work, as a film work or photographic work, as a work of visual art, architecture or applied art, or it has been expressed in some other way.
PCS. 2. Maps as well as drawings and other works of a descriptive nature made in graphic or plastic form are included in literary works.
PCS. 3. Works in the form of computer programs are classified as literary works.


The customer’s use of a Gasbutik.com products is in all respects at its own risk.

Gasbutik.com assumes no responsibility for the content, be it accuracy, legality, obedience, etc. of the information provided by the customer. Gasbutik.com can thus not be held liable for losses – neither direct nor indirect -, intangible infringements or other circumstances arising as a result of the use of information. Gasbutik.com cannot be held responsible for losses or other conditions arising as a result of lack of access to services or information. This applies regardless of whether the lack of access is due to system crashes, other conditions at Gasbutik.com or force majeure, including strikes and lockouts. Gasbutik.com assumes no responsibility for loss of personal data and installed software etc. in connection with the customer’s use of and related services. Gasbutik.com assumes no responsibility for unauthorized access to the customer’s data and systems. The customer is responsible for all possible costs incurred in relation to ordering services.

Delivery terms

All orders are in cash upon delivery or by appointment for account customers. Orders for spare parts for discontinued products will not be returned. Delivered directly from factory warehouse in accordance with 10 year factory supplement guarantee. See Terms and Conditions for all current products.

Change of customer terms

Customer terms can be changed by Gasbutik.dk without notice. Any disputes and disagreements must be decided by an ordinary Danish court.