“The company’s purpose is to produce and sell quality products as well as make money through a constant employee and product development. We also need to take active responsibility for safe daily working conditions and environmental consequences in the use of our products. ”

Corporate Social Responsibility has since the turn of the millennium become an essential part of the company’s external profile. The company must both make money but also relate to the outside world to which it sells products. We actively contribute to the development of better products with efficient energy utilization and long durability.

At Gasbutik.com, we work to help our customers by improving their “green household accounts”. By using high-tech electricity and gas consuming appliances, energy consumption is constantly minimized and the amount of CO2 emissions from the household is reduced.

In Denmark, our electrical and gas appliances, including TOWN GAS appliances – have minimized energy consumption for e.g. drying clothes, barbecue, patio heater, gas fireplaces and outdoor lamps for balconies and terraces. Our industrial baking ovens for natural gas and town gas reduce energy consumption in relation to electricity by up to 50%, depending on the type of oven chosen.

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