Caravaggio CD CR835/1CD

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Caravaggio CD CR835/1CD

Electronic Corner Oven from Cuppone.

Has a digital control system that can set the temperature in the oven chamber, and modulating control of the top and bottom heating elements that can be set from min to max, as well as minute clock and timer for automatic start-up of the oven.

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  • External Dimensions:
    A’ 765 mm
    B’ 640 mm
    C’ 1181 mm
    D’ 1181 mm
    E’ 640 mm
    H’ 138 mm
  • External Dimensions:
    A 948 mm
    B 820 mm
    C 1445 mm
    D 1639 mm
    E 769 mm
    H 430 mm(*)
  • Pizza Baking Capacity:
    8 (Ø 350 mm)
    4 (Ø 500 mm)
  • Power Supply Volt (50/60Hz/ Гц):
    AC 3 N 400
  • Maximum Power Usage:
    Max 11.8 kW
  • Average Power Usage kWh:
  • Net Weight:
  • Gross Weight:
  • Model:CR835/1CD
  • Gasbutik | Cuppone | Caravaggio CD CR835/1CD

(*) Without Extractor Hood and Stand.