New White knight Natural Gas 20a Tumble Dryer


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Tumble Dryer,
microprocessor controlled dryer,
cheap clothes drying,
& hot air recycling cycle.


New White Knight natural gas dryer type 20a is a microprocessor controlled dryer, which reduces the drying time via electronic sensors, depending on the drying level the machine is set to.

  • A+
  • Capacity 8 kg.
  • Energy output 3.2 kW
  • Reversible drumming.
  • 6 sensor drying levels, see front panel.
  • 30 min. “Refreshing the clothes” by airing.
  • Gas supply, diode lit.
  • Anti-crease function, diode lights up.
  • Display for dry clothes.
  • Time setting of start at max. 9 hours.
  • Cool the drum before finishing.
  • Rear-facing return, w / flex hose.
  • Reversible safety gate.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Low noise level.
  • CE approved.
  • Weight of dryer 37 kg

Depth 22,44 “ (57cm) x width 23,50” (59.6cm) x height 33,46” (85cm)

The dryer must be installed by an authorized gas installer.

Town gas dryers are CE marked, and meets all legal requirements.

The Town gas dryers are fitted with extra safety equipment that meets local safety requirements.

Serial number: 2020 20a 2504
Old serial number: 4213 86a 17071

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