New White knight Natural Gas 20a Tumble Dryer


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Tumble drying with low carbon emissions,
microprocessor controlled dryer,
cheap clothes drying,
& reuse of hot air cycle.

SKU: 2020 20a 2501


New White Knight natural gas dryer type 20a is a microprocessor controlled dryer,
which reduces the drying time via electronic sensors,
depending on the drying level the machine is set to.

  • A+
  • Capacity 8 kg.
  • Energy output 3.2 kW
  • Reversible drumming.
  • 6 sensor drying levels, see front panel.
  • 30 min. “Refreshing the clothes” by airing.
  • Gas supply, diode lit.
  • Anti-crease function, diode lights up.
  • Display for dry clothes.
  • Time setting of start at max. 9 hours.
  • Cool the drum before finishing.
  • Rear-facing return, w / flex hose.
  • Reversible safety gate.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Low noise level.
  • CE approved.
  • Weight of dryer 37 kg

Depth 22,44 “ (57cm) x width 23,50” (59.6cm) x height 33,46” (85cm)
The gas tumble dryer must have a statutory service inspection carried out every 2 years.
Tumble dryers are CE-marked and meet all requirements according to legislation.
Tumble dryers are fitted with safety equipment that meets EU requirements

Serial number: 2020 20a 2501

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